American Indian Law Alliance

Calling on Cuomo to save Eagles and halt pipeline

Clara Soaring Hawk and Betty Lyons co-wrote an op-ed calling on Governor Cuomo to halt construction on the Millennium Valley Lateral Pipeline out of respect for Mother Earth and to save the Bald Eagles who nest in the area.

As we urged the governor in a letter ( sent on the winter solstice, Cuomo should go beyond his call for divestment and protect the nesting area of the majestic bald eagles by asking the state Department of Environmental Conservation to halt construction of the Millennium Valley Lateral Pipeline…As Indigenous women whose people have lived here since time immemorial, it is our responsibility to speak for those who do not have a voice. The letter to Cuomo discussed the impact of heavy construction just 80 feet from a nesting pair of federally protected bald eagles in Orange County. This is where Chief Soaring Hawk was raised. We must speak for these eagles.

For more see the Times Union “Halt pipeline work to protect bald eagle nests.”